A pilot of Royal Palm Estate, the television series, was developed nearly three years prior to its debut on CVM TV in March 1994. The initial half-hour show ran for thirteen episodes each season with a special one-hour episode to close the season. 

By season 4 in May 1995, the regular one-hour episode for Royal Palm Estate was introduced. Royal Palm Estate has been filmed at several popular locations all over the island and even overseas in Cuba. Royal palm Estate is approaching it's 20th Season as of April 2003.


Royal Palm Estate is another Jamaican product in the tradition of excellence established by Mediamix Limited over the past twenty-five years. Mediamix is the largest and best equipped privately-owned media production house in the Caribbean. Royal Palm Estate was conceived, created and produced by this wholly Jamaican company relying entirely on the in-house human and technical resources of the company. Although television commercials and documentaries have been the mainstay of the company, other notable products include the acclaimed feature film, Children of Babylon and the more recent television programs like Star Search at Traxx and Visions.




Lennie Little-White is the founder and Executive Chairman of Mediamix and the force ‘behind the scenes’ that not only drives the company but the successful production team of Royal Palm Estate. This indomitable Jamaican is equipped with solid home-grown experience at the Jamaica Information Service in television writing and production, a BA from Ryerson Polytechnic (Canada) and a MA from Northwestern University (USA) with training in the areas of film, television, radio, journalism, and public relations. He lends his expertise and incredible talent to the challenge of sustained excellence in Jamaican television production


When CVM-TV was conceived, it promised the nation that it would improve and increase the locally-produced television fare. It was this commitment that led to the financial support of Royal Palm Estate in its infancy when many questioned if a quality Jamaican television drama could survive. This confidence was justified, as the show has become the most popular local program on Jamaican television. Royal palm Estate has grown beyond Jamaica and is now being aired across the Caribbean.


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