Royal Palm Estate - Season 21


The Twenty-first season of Royal Palm Estate was filled with all the spices that make the show what it is loved and known for.


The newly married Julia Blackburn-Tavares continued on the very rocky road which is her marriage with Sonny T.  Julia sank into a deep depression when she learned that Sonny T knew the truth about her first husband - the one in Canada who she is in fact still married to.  While in seclusion, Sonny T called her and he and Julia got into yet another argument.  Sonny T played his trump card by announcing to Julia that she had signed a prenuptial agreement on their wedding day stating that if they divorced, her portion of Royal Palm Estate would pass to him.  Julia sought legal advice from Aaron Levy who gave her hope that she may have a strong case in court since the prenup was inequitable.  That wasn't enough, Julia went to the Baroness Von Kettleholt for further counseling.  The Baroness warned Julia that the only way to get the upper hand with Sonny T was to welcome him into her home and her bed.


This led to a series of events which created an even bigger rift between Julia and her step children.  Julia decided to remodel the greathouse without either Richard or Tanya's knowledge.  She was able to start construction while the two were both away on trips.  When they returned they were furious.  Richard almost burst a blood vessel when he realized Julia had charged the remodeling and the purchasing of new BMW SUV to Royal Palm Estate and not her personal account.


Richard's problems with Julia didn't end with the construction, the never ending expenses and other financials woes.  Richard was determined to get to the bottom of the many skeletons which he was sure lay hidden in Julia's closet.  The very trip that facilitated Julia remodeling the greathouse may lead to her downfall.  Richard's mother had spoken to him in a dream and told him to go to Canada to find answers concerning Julia.  On this fateful trip Richard laid the groundwork to unearth Julia's marital indiscretions. 


On a happier note, Richard finally evolved beyond his state of celibacy and resurrected his sex life - all thanks to Irie.  Little does Irie know but Richard does not seem content with just her.  He opened the door for Brittany Anderson.  An eager Brittany has been waiting long for such an invitation and is sure to pounce on this opportunity.


This was a season where everyone made the best of every situation.  When Jennifer Chambers' plan to uncover the truth about Marcus Irving met a hitch, she quickly solved it.  She had asked Assistant Commissioner McLaren to have the Police labs do a DNA comparison between the sample of hair she had stolen from Marcus aka Staggerback and that of Leslie Irving.  When Staggerback told Sonny T about the hair robbery Sonny T put two and two together and realized that Jennifer not only was behind it but she must have intended to do a DNA comparison.  Sonny T promptly paid off the lab and McLaren to tell Jennifer that the samples had been taken away by rats.  Jennifer quickly drew for her secret weapon.  When Jennifer and McLaren slept together she had videotaped the whole affair.  She blackmailed McLaren with the tape, claiming she would distribute it to anyone who cared if he did not find the samples and complete the testing or if any ill fate were to befall her.  McLaren quickly complied.



The results showed that Marcus Irving was not the son of Leslie Irving but in fact an ex-convict who had been linked to Sonny T.  Jennifer realized that Sonny T and Staggerback were working together and devised a plan that would put an end to their Marcus Irving scheme once and for all.   Jennifer told them both that she would hand over all that was rightfully Marcus Irving's from his father's fortune.  The difference was this.  Jennifer told Sonny T that she would set up a trust fund and allow Sonny T to oversea the distribution of funds.  She then went to "Marcus" and told him the same thing but Marcus quickly insisted that Jennifer give the money directly to him.  They agreed not to tell Sonny T about this.  They also decided that Marcus would fly up to New York to get the money - still without any of this being communicated to Sonny T.


Sonny T appeared to be covering all his bases when it comes to Jennifer Chambers.  He met up with ex Leslie Irving associate, Brandy to discuss ways at getting back at Jennifer, more specifically getting Irving's money away from her.


Sonny T's henchman Madden has also found himself in hard times.   When his daughter Misha ran away he searched high and low for her.  He even sought out Gavin hoping to find her.  Little did he know, Gavin had her well hidden in a box in his garage.  Gavin and Misha realized it was no longer safe for her to stay there and Gavin had Misha stay with his ex-girlfriend Nicole.  Nicole and Misha hit it off immediately and Nicole became Misha's confidant.  When Misha and Nicole went out to a movie Madden spotted his daughter and attempted to take her home.  Nicole intervened by hitting Madden over the head and the two got away.  Misha devised a plan involving a vibrator to have her problems with Madden become a thing of the past.


Tanya Blackburn had a blast from her past.  Her ex boyfriend, booking agent and drug dealer, Pedro Martalon decided it was time to get Tanya back.  He flew down to Jamaica from New York to convince Tanya it was time to return to the fold.  He tracked her down on a weekend retreat and even attempted to get her using cocaine again.  Tanya refused him over and over but this was not the way Pedro portrayed it when he met up with Tanya and boyfriend Andre Lawson.  Pedro gave Andre the impression that  he, Pedro and Tanya had shared a romantic getaway together.  An irate Andre pulled a gun on Pedro and began firing at him - encouraging him to do a dance.  Pedro eventually fled the scene.



Amidst his attempts to win back Tanya, Pedro met Sonny T and in the process was introduced to Apple.  The two seemed to be hitting it off professionally and romantically but Pedro was called back to the Unites States because the authorities were closing in on his drug activities.












Pedro was not the only new man in Apple's life.  Staggerback began terrorizing  her.  Thanks to his re-alliance with Madden, Sonny T found out that Apple was secretly seeing Jordan Dubois.  Jordan had been hiding on a Coast Guard boat off the coast of Jamaica .  Sonny T had sent Staggerback to pressure Apple into helping him catch Jordan.


On a quieter note, Stringbeans' relationship with Paula continued to blossom but not fast enough for Stringbeans.  Paula refused to sleep with him but Stringbeans would not admit this to Parrot.  He even lied to Parrot and told him they had slept together - without a condom.


A couple who did actually have sex and did not use a condom was Tiney and Foster.  They had not spoken for weeks since their relationship went on its indefinite pause.  When the silence was broken by Tiney, the news was too much for Foster.  Tiney informed Foster that she was pregnant with his child.  His initial reaction was negative.  He even suggested she have an abortion and questioned whether the child was actually his.  With time, Foster decided to embrace the pregnancy, somewhat.  He suggested Tiney go to England to stay with his sister for the remainder of her pregnancy.  He even promised to get her a larger apartment when she returned to Jamaica after the baby was born.



CC and Selena are another couple who were sorting through their relationship woes and an unwanted pregnancy. Selena lost their baby due to an anxiety attack brought on by Post Traumatic Stress.  CC convinced Selena to move to Kingston while she recovered.  The two resumed their sexual relationship but Selena was now entirely in charge of their birth control methods.  She began using a female condom.  This wasn't a problem for CC but her decision to visit her family in the U.S. was.  CC feared Selena would take the trip and decide not to return.


In the realm of female condoms, Julia decided to try out this new safe sex method.  She agreed to sleep with Sonny T but did not let Sonny T know that she was using the female condom.  After their love making session, Sonny T showed Julia the prenup agreement.  She promptly fainted.  Julia will have much more to faint over when she finds out that Richard has finally received the results of an intense investigation of her past in Canada.  It seemed that she paid off Elliot Rouseau too soon since what Richard may do to her will be much worse than anything Elliot could ever have done.

Many things hung in the balance at the end of Season 21.  With the Season premiere of Season 22 on Sunday April 25, 2004 on CVM-TV at 8:30pm.  Questions will be answered and new obstacles will arise but the laughs, the intrigue, deception and the passion will continue to dominate.


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