The lead cast of Royal Palm Estate



BLACKBURN, TED – played by REGGIE CARTER (deceased September 1995) – is the centre-piece of Royal Palm Estate. He portrays the sublime mix of inherited power, wielded forcefully, yet responsibly, in the true tradition of the plantation landed aristocracy in Jamaica, the ‘Backra Massa."

Reggie Carter was a legendary advertising executive and broadcaster noted for his creativity and, beautiful range of voice. He was no less recognized as a consummate actor who moved with equal ease and authority through classical theatre to indigenous and contemporary productions on stage, screen, radio and television.

BLACKBURN, JULIA – played by BETH HYDE-PARNELL – is the second wife of Ted Blackburn, owner of Royal Palm Estate. Culture shock, a sense of alienation, the sexual failings of her husband and sheer loneliness contrive to make Julia seek both the professional and personal assistance of a psychiatrist. Beth Hyde has made Jamaica her home since 1962, after which she became involved in acting. Today, she helps to run a family-owned printery in Kingston.

CAMPBELL, JOYCE alias ‘MISS JOYCE’ – played by CYRENE TOMLINSON – depicts an authoritative, ‘take charge’ housekeeper who assumes responsibility for the smooth running of the house and the lives of its occupants. She is good-hearted but strongly opinionated, steeped in a classic plantation world-view that often clashes with her son’s. Cyrene Tomlinson is a talented actress acclaimed for her performances in the roles that she has played on stage and radio. Professionally, Cyrene is an advertising and public relations consultant.

MACKIE – played by RONALD GOSHOP – depicts a roguish but lovable yard man on the Royal Palm Estate. Only his womanizing escapades overshadow his home-grown black philosophy and unwavering loyalty to Ted Blackburn and his family, and the Royal Palm Estate plantation. Ronald Goshop is an Art teacher who loves children and is equally passionate about his acting.

TAVARES, SONNY alias SONNY T – played by MUNAIR ZACCA – is a crooked cunning and decidedly unscrupulous drug baron who manipulates all sectors of the society with the influence of green gold –   The United States Dollar. Munair Zacca a full-time actor, director, and former drama tutor, has appeared in several stage, film and television productions.

MADDEN, INSPECTOR TREVOR – played by BOBBY SMITH – a cocky, gun toting policeman who uses the law to serve his own interests even if these activities fall outside of the law. Always anxious to assert his own authority, he sometimes runs afoul of his other "boss", Sonny T. Bobby Smith is a part-time actor, singer, songwriter, a former lieutenant in the Jamaica Defense Force and a seasoned security executive.

LEVY, AARONN – played by PAUL ISSA – is the third generation legal council for the Blackburn family and a close family friend. Paul Issa hails from a well known Jamaican family and is himself a banker, hotelier and entreprenuer while equal to the task of the being an actor.

BLACKBURN, TANYA – played by ROSE CONSTANTINI (and formerly MICHELLE SHIELDS) – the sophisticated, socialite daughter of Ted Blackburn, is a successful actress in the United States who returns home for regular visits or in times of crisis. Michelle Shields originated the role of Tanya in the first four seasons of Royal Palm Estate making her acting debut on the set. Rose Constantini is a fully trained multilingual translator whose enthusiasm to travel to "beautiful places" brought her to Jamaica and to her role in Royal Palm Estate.

BLACK (BLACKBURN) RICHARD – played by FRANZ MCFAYDEN – the illegitimate but straight heterosexual son of Ted Blackburn is eventually enthusiastically embraced by his father is not by the rest of the family. Franz McFayden is an attorney-at-law. He recently began his acting career in the Royal Palm Estate television series.

CAMPBELL, CC – played by BILLY WILMOT – son of Miss Joyce, a dreadlock Rastafarian, longs to know the identity of his father and to achieve a compromise of values with his non-Rastafarian girlfriend while pursuing a singing career. Billy Wilmot is the lead singer in a successful reggae band called the Mystic Revealers. He hails from a family tradition of film and theate.

PAM-PAM – played by MAXINE OSBOURNE – is the young household helper who is pursued relentlessly by Mackie. Her strong Christian principles hold him at bay but true love leads her elsewhere. Maxine Osbourne is a teacher by profession. Drama, her first love, has brought awards and forms part of her profession.

JOHNSON, PASTOR – played by JOHN JONES – represents the hypocrisy of the self-righteous cleric who is anxious to pontificate about what others should do while exerting very little effort to live up to these ideals himself. John Jones is a multi-talented performer also known as a balladeer and cabaret artiste and perhaps less so as a painter.

TINEY-WINEY – played by KAREN HARRIOT – is the seductive prostitute and confidant of the stressed out Ted Blackburn, ‘daddy’, who rescues her from a fate that she vows will never befall her again. Karen Harriot is a businesswoman with her own line of lingerie while being an accomplished actress in theatre, film and television.

JENNY – played by PEARL MCFARLANE – is the wily, glamorous and seductive street-smart hustler who was previously a young household helper on Royal Palm Estate. Pearl McFarlane is a sales executive who feels that her ‘hobby’ as an actress has built her self confidence.

MADDEN, ROSE – played by CHRISTINE BELL – wife of the notorious Inspector Madden, depicts a woman of integrity and traditional Judo-Christian values who is plummeted by circumstances and her antithesis, the Minister’s wife, into a racy modern world of woman’s liberation and assertive sexuality. Christine Bell has given extraordinary performances on radio, television and film while professionally she is a communications specialist being the Managing Director of her own company.

ROBINSON, DONNA – played by BARBARA McCALLA – epitomizes the modern, sexually liberated, pragmatic and assertive woman of the 90’s and encourage others, like her new-found friend, Rose Madden, to do the same. Barbara McCalla, an attorney-at-law by profession has always had a love for acting which she views as an ‘escape from the pressures’ of life and her job.

IRVING, LESLIE – played by KARL DAVIS – is the ambitious, marginally unscrupulous Parliamentary Secretary to Minister Robinson. He represents those politicians who believe that a successful end is justified by any means necessary. Karl Davis has played almost every role required in theatre from a stagehand to a director. His acting roles have led him to television and screen while his career path has taken him to a leading high school where he teaches.

ROBINSON, LESTER – played by LENFORD SALMON – emerges as the incorruptible politician – Minister of Foreign Relations – and faithful spouse. He is starkly contrasted to his cunning Parliamentary Secretary, Irving, and his demanding wife, Donna. Lenford Salmon is a management consultant employed to a fast food chain and is a thirteen-year veteran of Jamaican theatre.

FOSTER, SUPERINTENDENT ZEKE – played by TEDDY PRICE – a slow to speak, thoughtful, thoroughly competent policeman who always gets his man, is the natural protagonist to the ‘corrupt’. Inspector Madden. Teddy Price is a pharmacist by profession but also a veteran of Jamaican theatre.

CHAMBERS, JENNIFER – played by CAROL CAMPBELL – the Kingston kept-mistress of Ted Blackburn, gave birth to his much desired son who he was arranging to legally adopt before his death. Carol Campbell is a businesswoman and a freelance model who is a newcomer to the world of acting and television and the Royal Palm Estate television series.