The Golden Nugget is a challenge-based reality show.  In fact, it's the first all-Jamaican reality show -  all Jamaican crew, all Jamaican cast, even a Jamaican host. This is a show which revolves around 20 young people from all across Jamaica.  The show starts with 10 males and 10 females.  The males are randomly paired with the females and they set out on a course of rigorous challenges all across Jamaica.  The show takes place over two weeks, but enters your homes every week.

Watch as couples struggle to achieve teamwork - see them triumph, watch them fail. There are a series of eliminations in which one couple is asked to leave.  These eliminations take place every other week and is based on the couple with the lowest Final Score at the end of the elimination episode.  Make your bets on which couple will go home with each elimination and which ones will make it to the Final Rounds. Contestants compete for a myriad of prizes which they win at various stages based on their scores. Things get inetresting when one time team mates are split up and compete as singles in the finals.

Season 2 of The Golden Nugget recently ended it's 13 week run on CVM-TV. Lorie, the jr. architect was this season's winner.

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