TOBI  (Penny)

When she left high school, she wanted to study Law. However, she was always fascinated by the fantasy world of professional modelling. While living in England, she received training and on-the-job experience which has now made her one of the top fashion models in the Caribbean.

Children of Babylon provides her with her first opportunity for acting. Tobi says she was terrified by the large responsibility she shouldered in the leading role, but the whole experience has made her more secure about her capabilities as a performer.

Twice married and divorced, she is the mother of two children who she is very close to. Because she was married immediately after high school, she is enjoying the single girl experience for the first time. In between all this, she finds time to works as a passenger agent with an airline.


Don is a farmer who is having his first experience of any kind in performing before an audience. Always smiling through a thick moustache and beard, he says he cannot remember devoting so much time to any one project in his life and he loved it.

While in high school, Donís first love was medicine, but by the time he entered McGill 

University in Montreal, Canada, he selected another field of study which equipped him for his present profession.

Don is single with one teenaged daughter, and has a love for good life.

BOB ANDY  (Luke)

Reggae is Jamaicaís most recent contribution to international music. One of the creators of this music form is Bob Andy who was born Keith Anderson.

Bob is not only one of the seminal influences in Jamaicaís music as a composer, but he has also achieved international acclaim as a singer at home and in several European 

This is his first encounter with films, but he confesses that he has always felt he had a destiny with performing in movies since he was eleven. Filming Children of Babylon, he says, has been one of the most positive and efficient projects he has ever been involved with. He feels that too many people are unaware of or pretend not to see the reality which the film mirrors.

Bob is now living in London, receiving lessons on the classical guitar and preparing to attend formal acting classes at one of Englandís most prestigious institutions.


Jamaicaís most seasoned actress found her role particularly challenging since she was not allowed to say a word during her whole performance.

Leonie received formal training in theatre in England and has made countless appearances on stage in England, Australia and her native Jamaica. Her performances 

have extended to film, television, radio and the folk media. She also works as a writer, director and producer.

"Simply wonderful" she exclaims when asked about her experience during the filming. She feels that the "Dorcas" role is common in Jamaica today. She represents the women who hold steadfastly to the traditions left us as part of the colonial legacy and who appear able to adjust to the newer mores which have surfaced in Babylon.


Liz runs an art gallery and a dress shop in Montego Bay and has never considered the possibility of going before the camera before now.

English by birth, she migrated to Jamaica eighteen years ago when she married a Jamaican. Her hobbies equipped her for many of the feats she had to perform in the film.

Elizabethís portrayal of the American woman, shows the strong North American influence which is still evident in independent Jamaica. Admitting that she was frightened by the challenge of playing Laura, she ended up surprising everybody, including herself, with her cool and confident portrayal of the rich, planation owner.

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