Jamaica was once a land of the Taino Indians.  That all changed when the Spaniards made their way to Jamaica’s beautiful isles.  When the Tainos neared extinction, even before the British came, the Africans were brought in to labour the lands for their new European masters.  Among them was an African Princess, Nzinga, her spirit was strong and she refused to be enslaved. She ran away and on her journey through the depths of Jamaica she met a dying Taino girl.  The girl was the last of her people and she carried their most valued possession - The Golden Nugget.  The girl made Nzinga vow to keep the Golden Nugget safe.  She died in Nzinga’s arms and her blood spilled over the Golden Nugget.  That blood was the last of the Tainos and in it flowed all of their history, power, magic and fortune.  In Nzinga’s possession, the blessings of the Tainos was passed on to her through eternal life, the ability to change shape and form and to magically appear.  Nzinga has lived for all these centuries, guarding this most prized possession and allowing only those who she deems worthy to lay their hands on and reap the prosperity of the Golden Nugget.

Season 2 of The Golden Nugget is currently airing n CVM-TV Sunday nights at 9:00pm with a repeat on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm.


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