The Golden Nugget's second season promises a number of exciting changes. The new host Candice Buchanan leads our twenty contestants across the island. Our 10 male-female teams are based at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston and the official home of the Golden Nugget, Sunset Beach Resort & Spa in MoBay. With only two challenges in each episode, this season offers a greater opportunity to get to know the contestants.

The ultimate prize is the 2004 Kia Ro courtesy of Kia Motors but prizes flow freely along the way. In every other episode the team with the highest score receives a prize. Simultaneously, the team with the lowest score is "kicked" from the show. Even these unfortunate teams receive prizes. A major twist this season is that once prizes are awarded, the scores return to zero in the following episode. This means no one's spot is secure. A team could be on top one minute and on the bus back to Kingston the next. It's anybody's game and teams have to do their best in every challenge if they hope to stay in the competition.

In the end it was Lorie of Team 3 who won season 2 of The Golden Nugget. She drove home in the brand new Kia Rio .

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